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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by david_ai 9 / 10


As someone who considers himself a fan of independent films, and genre films in particular, I found a lot to enjoy in this movie. It's a mixture of film noir, spaghetti westerns and comic book genre films like Sin City and 300, all that made behind the mask of a super-stylized independent film. The visuals, editing and acting was all top-notch. The story was gripping, and the main character of Jo was bad-ass! Fans of niche genre films would love this movie.

Reviewed by TheTopDawg 8 / 10

A flawed gem

This is one of those rare films when one individual wears too many hats - and succeeds.

Novice director, writer, producer, cinematographer, sfx, vfx, and editor Usher Morgan makes his full length feature film debut in most of the above categories in this low budget (350K) B-grade indie film with many novice actors.

Sure it's not an original production (the theme paying homage to Sin City and Kill Bill), and it had its writing flaws, overplayed cliche's, overzealous cartoon scenes, overloaded with cringy slow-mo's, and the acting was certainly not Oscar-worthy. But let's remember that this was an ambitious independent low budget production and should not be compared to big budget Hollywood productions with A-list actors. I can see many of the wannabe critics on IMDb will slam this film and not appreciate its production values. Having said that, I really enjoyed it. It felt like it was a "industry friends and family get together to make a fun film", and fun it certainly was. Most of the cast members wore more than one hat as well, and for such a small production, it showed really well. The cinematography was nearly flawless and the directing really good.

This neo-noir crime film isn't for everyone, but I for one can look past the flaws and see it as a gem, one that certainly qualifies for a cult following. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Would I see it again? At least one more time. A well deserved 8/10 from me.

Reviewed by mlenscap 8 / 10

Low Budget Indie Fans Would LOVE IT!

Okay, so this is a super low-budget indie film from an unknown, first-time filmmaker, made with a group of unknown, first-time cast, I knew going into it that it was going to be a student film of sorts, a bunch of kids with no money making a movie for the first time (like most low budget indie films). But boy was I surprised! This movie is IMPRESSIVE! The cinematography, acting and story were very well crafted, and some of the actors were amazing!!! (looking at you, Elyse Price). Some of them, not so much ("Hollywood" Sam Barone). Overall - this movie is a very well made "low budget indie film", and if you're an indie film fan you should go into it expecting to see a low budget indie film. You are going to be in for a really fun ride! So manage your expectations and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Definitely worth the watch!

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