Alien Predator


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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E.R. Ruiz as Seal Leader
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mojjen 1 / 10

Picked the wrong movie. Worst ever

I accidentally got this movie instead of the proper Predator. Worst acting, directing, special effects I have ever seen. Nothing was right with this.

Reviewed by toelawlor 1 / 10

Who gives out good money for Crap like this to be made.

Where do these people get the money to make garbage like this. This has nothing got to do with movie making or trying to entertain people and make them think, it's just about ego or making a quick buck or both. Awful rubbish and I agree with the other posted that there should be some sanctions against people that rip off other titles to make you think their movie in somehow in the same ballpark.

Reviewed by alex (doorsscorpywag) 1 / 10

Dear God!!!!!!! Please Don't Make A Sequel!

I have seen some rubbish films but this one is a new genre of rubbish even beyond Jean Claude Van Dammes turkey Alien Uprising (2012) which itself was a new genre of rubbish film making.

Nothing in this whatsoever that is worthwhile. Nonsensical garbage released to con people into thinking this has something to do with the films named in the title. Ed Wood would disown this.

At least Ridley Scott with his pathetic Alien prequels could come up with a script. Literally does not even deserve zero it's that bad.

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